As the boss; the HR manager, the accountant, the marketing executive, the sales director you are expected to additionally have expertise in IT (Information Technology). With so many challenges already to focus on and the relentless pace of IT innovation, you struggle to ensure that your IT decisions are best for your business.

Who can you turn to for impartial advice on how to use information technology to streamline your business? IT Consultants? – The internet?

What is BIZITAS?
Business IT Advisory Association BIZITAS is a forum for learning, exchanging ideas and gaining insights into the effective use of IT to automate and improve your business. Membership of BIZITAS provides advice, education and assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We show companies how to be more competitive by using technology that’s affordable, cost-effective and readily available. We don’t align ourselves with any particular software or hardware vendor, so our advice is genuinely impartial.
Profit from IT with improved knowledge of technology.
Why join?
Better decisions come from better knowledge. Bizitas advisors provide objective advice in a timely manner, so you can make informed decisions about technology choices and approaches. With Bizitas, you immediately become part of a support network where you can:
  • Lower your IT costs by taking advantage of our expertise.
  • Extract more business value from your existing computer systems.
  • Understand technology, increase IT confidence and receive practical instruction.
  • Attend informative software demos with no sales pressure.
  • Network with other like minded individuals.
  • Save money on business related IT training.



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